The Graphs for DS cohort concludes!

Last week we had the closing session of our impressive cohort collaborated with Baot, which is called DataNights – Graphs for DS!

Lets summarize a bit what we went through during the last few weeks and we will also have a quick glimpse to our next cohort.

We had a brief review on the graphs world by Avi Aminov, then Amit Alon tought us how to extract features from graphs. We also had a great lecture with Asaf Shapira and a cool workshop with Ayelet Sapirstein about community detection. We had two online talks on Node Embeddings given by the Yael Yooli Daihes and Graph Neural Networks that was given by Gal Braun. We ended up with a spy coding task by Morit Zwang that left us desiring to learn more on this field and summarized the last six weeks:)

Thanks for all the professional experts for the comprehensive and deeply detailed lectures. It was a really productive cohort and we will absolutely keep you in mind for our next cohorts!

Thanks a lot to Team8 for the warm hospitality!

Another big thank to our DataNights team and especially to Achinoam Soroker that organized perfectly this unforgettable cohort!

Our next cohort will be focused on Computer Vision for intermediate DS and the registration is going to be open really soon so get updated on our page!

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