Announcing the Advanced Topics in Computer Vision cohort!

Advanced CV and DL

Finally we finished to work on our next DataNights cohort!

Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

In this cohort we will dive deeper into familiar network architectures and concepts such as Gan’s and Attention mechanism. The sessions will be held in SecuriThings company in Ramat-Gan and will include 6 sessions, 3 hours each that will be given by professional experts with wide experience in computer vision from the industry and the academy.

Who is this program for

Intermediate-level Computer Vision engineers who are familiar with:

  • Neural network optimization: Back propagation, SGD variant
  • basic losses and Layers (Examples: Softmax, Batch-norm, Cross-entropy-loss) • CNNs: Basics, applications, architectures
  • GANs: Basic concepts


Nov 28 – Dec 26

Sundays, from 6:00 pm to 9 pm


For more details and registration form - follow the link:


Course Leader: Sharon Cooper

DataNights Team: Gal Hever, Achinoam Soroker, Bitya Neuhof, Noga Geshur

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